O Muíño, A Lamiña, A Armona & O Codesal

In an exceptional natural environment formed by the estuary of the Miño river are located this four beaches, along the last two kilometres of the river delta, and that make up a perfect whole. Besides offering some astonishing and unbeatable views towards Portugal and the Miño river flowing into the sea, these beaches are bounded by a pine wood that invites to rest and provides a pleasant shade for the sizzling weather in summer. The beaches, with high natural and landscape value, are part of the Route PRG160 “Desembocadura do Miño” (Miño river Mouth Path). These river beaches are also influenced by the rise and fall of the tides, so the salinity degree increases when the flow goes up. And it also affects the water temperature, it will be colder with the high tide (because the water is coming from the ocean) and warmer in the low tide (because the water is from the river).

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Playa de la Arena Grande

Area Grande, Fedorento & O Carreiro

They are small beaches opened to the ocean, within walking distance between them, connected by the Blue Path and the Cetareas (shellfish hatcheries) Route.

They are perfect for swimming and other activities such as spearfishing. Its iodised waters are recognised by the beneficial health properties, ideal for improving rheumatic and skin diseases.

The sea beaches offer spectacular sunsets.

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Senda litoral

A Guarda has since 2013 the mention Blue Path as the acknowledgement to the itinerary that links the two blue-flagged beaches in town: O Muíño & Area Grande.

The called Senda Litoral: Praia do Muíño – Praia Area Grande SA-3606 (Littoral Pathway: O Muíño Beach – Area Grande Beach SA-3606) permits to discover the natural and ethnographic values from almost all of the A Guarda’s Atlantic coast, along the 5.6 kilometres walk.

The Blue Path starts right at the mouth of the Miño river, in the O Muíño Beach, taking the Littoral Pathway, open in 2010, and goes over the Atlantic coastal until the fishing port to link with the Cetareas (shellfish hatcheries) Route and end in the Area Grande Beach. Those interested can continue the Cetareas Route until almost arriving in the municipal boundary with O Rosal.