Exterior del Masat

The exhibition room, about 120 m2 offers a view of the successive periods of the Castro and the archaeological researches and work done so far. The main exhibition contents are: from Prehistory, bifaces, scrapers, Asturienses points, etc.; from Bronze Age, bronze axes and rock carvings in the mountain; and at last the Castrexo Culture and the Romanization period.

The exhibition hall goes around the standard pieces of the Castrexo Culture linked to the economy, tools, beliefs and ornamentation. Highlights the different Labras, especially the collection of swastikas. The terminals of a torc exposed in the central showcase are the primary motive for the exhibition. Of the Roman influence are anthropomorphic funerary steles, the circular stone mills, different types of pottery, the games, the significant collection of coins and the Cabezón (big head) of Trega.

Archaeological excavations are of course represented in the MASAT. The central table includes the main archaeological campaigns and the role played by the Society Pro Monte in its 67-year history. The contents are accessible to visitors thanks to smartphone downloadable audio guides in several languages.

It also has a classroom to develop educational workshops intended for students of all ages.