A Guarda, placed in a kind of small peninsula due to it is surrounded by water mainly the Miño river and the Atlantic Ocean. It is connected with Portugal by a ferryboat that crosses the Miño river (currently suspended)  ; the sea lovers could use the fishing port to anchor its vessels.

Cross the Mouth of the Miño

1tn_Monte Santa Trega_vista del Castro de Santa Trega y Estuario del Miño_A Guarda

The ferry from Caminha to A Guarda has not been running since October 2021. This are the options to cross the Miño :

1.- The nearest bridge (arround 25 minutes by car) it´s about 10 minutes from Caminha and it´s located in the Portuguese Village of Vilanova de Cerveira, and cross to the village of Tomiño (Goián). At the roundabout after the bridge you can continue towards A Guarda (another 10 km) on the PO-552 or the fast road CG-4.2.

2.- The pilgrims and the other people who wants to cross the river walking or by bike, have the option of conctac with the nautic transport service Xacobeo Transfer. This service started to work in Easter 2022.

The XACOBEO TRANSFER service is provided from the O Pasaxe pier to the Sporting Club Caminhense pier, a few meters from the current ferry pier in Caminha.

Note: Temporary change of location in Caminha: from February 2023 the Xacobeo Transfer boat will be on the river promenade (on the main road) a few meters before the ferry pier.

At present, the service is provided by a small boat for a maximum of 12 passengers. The service is available every day, if the weather conditions are good.

You can book the tickets in the website: This website have the daily schedule (some timetables are blocked due to low tide). The price per person is 6 € or 8 € for passengers with bikes. To pay for the tickets in the boat, the only payment method which its aloud its with credit card.

This are the schedules (Spanish hour) , but there will be some cancellations because of the low tide (information available in the booking website).

  • Departures from A Guarda: starts at 8:00 until 19:00 (departures at o´clock hour)
  • Departures from Caminha: starts at 8:30 until 19:30 (departures at half past the hour).

For doubts or to process groups of more than 12 people, please contact

A Guarda Fishing Port


The boats which want to anchor in the port need to check the information with the Pontevedra bureau (south zone) of the Portos de Galicia.

Phone: 986 853 916

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