To get to A Guarda by road, we have several options. You can arrive from Baiona skirting the sea coastline or from inland, travelling from Tui, or even coming from the south, from Portugal.

By car

From inland the Iberian Peninsula, merely take the A-52 signposted to Vigo. Then we have two options to get A Guarda from Vigo:

If you prefer the quickest route, take the A-55 signposted to Tui and leave it at junction 30, continue forward through PO-552 until A Guarda, travelling in parallel with the Miño river. In the locality of Goian (Tomiño), you can stay ahead in PO-552 or take the quickest route, join the CG-4.2 signposted A Guarda.

If you prefer travel skirting the sea coastline, in Vigo, you can take AG-57 (toll) to Baiona and then continue by PO-552 signposted A Guarda.

Travellers coming from Portugal have the possibility of arriving via ferry, crossing the Miño river in Caminha (Portugal) to A Guarda depending on the tide. By road, you need to pass the river by International Bridge that joins Valença do Minho (Portugal) and Tui (Galicia) or the Friendship Bridge that joins Vila Nova de Cerveira (Portugal) and Goian (Galicia), and then take PO-552 or the quickest route taking CG-4.2 signposted A Guarda.

By bus


The major cities of the country connect with Vigo Bus Station where then you can take a coach to A Guarda.

LUGOVE is the coaches company that provides regular buses line and links A Guarda and Vigo, either by the coast road (towards Oia and Baiona) or by the inland towards Tui with a higher frequency. The timetables are different depending if you´re travelling a working day, Saturday, Sunday or holiday. Besides are also different in winter or summer season (July and August).

Complete information on LUGOVE Website or phone: 646 34 92 24 / 609 97 79 44

By bicycle


To get to A Guarda by bike, you can enjoy by travelling the bicycle lane that runs in parallel with PO-552, from Baiona to A Guarda, allowing to enjoy the landscape and the superb views of the Atlantic Ocean.

Another choice is going over the Miño river shore from the Fortress (Fortaleza) of San Lorenzo in Goian (Tomiño) travelling by the river trail that connects with PR-G112, also called Fishermen trail of the Miño river, in O Rosal.