O Muíño Beach

Playa de O Muíño

It is considered one of the best beaches of the region, is part of the Miño river beaches and is located just on the mouth of the river. This shell-shaped fine-grain white sand beach is set in a beautiful natural environment.

  • Blue Flag & Ecobeach.
  • First aid services
  • Water Quality: Excellent
  • Accessible to people with disabilities. It has reserved parking spaces, walkways, toilet and water chair.
  • Campaigns and environmental activities.
  • Other services: information panels, toilets and showers, dustbins, waste collection, public transportation, parking at 500 meters, hotels and restaurants.


A Lamiña Beach

Playa de la Lamiña

Following the O Muíño Beach is the A Lamiña Beach also surrounded by pine wood and with a picnic area. Is an ideal place for the sport and leisure activities, so it has a beach volleyball net.

  • Other services: toilets and showers, dustbins, waste collection and parking.

A Armona Beach

Playa de la Armona

Perfect for families beach follows the footway that starts in O Muíño and A Lamiña. Near to the beach were placed factories and sawmills, vital economic activities in the past.

  • Other services: dustbins, waste collection and parking.

O Codesal Beach

Playa del Codesal

Just before the ferryboat pier is located this sandy shore framed in the space of great ornithological value for being a permanent place of feeding birds. In the surroundings is located the sports club O Codesal with sport and leisure facilities.

  • Other services: dustbins, waste collection and parking.