FESTAS DO MONTE: 2nd week in August

Festa do monte
  • In 2018: From 6/08 to 15/08
  • Where: A Guarda (municipality)
  • Organizer: Asociación Veciñal Cultural e Deportiva O CANCELÓN.
  • Noteworthy: Varied activities program with three main events: Folkloric Parade on Saturday 11th; Romería (family traditional feast in the mountain with popular music & dancing) in the Santa Trega Mountain on Sunday 12th; and farewell of the festivity with fireworks at the port on Tuesday 14th.

Galician Festivity of Tourist Interest

This festival already with more than one hundred-year-old, is one of the major festivity on the region. During one week different cultural and sport events attract hundreds of visitors and the nights are reserved for the entertainment with the music and open-air dancings.

One of the principal events is the Saturday’s Folkloric Parade, in which thousands of people attend to enjoy the regional costumes and the folk music of the bagpipes bands and guest folk dancing groups who fill up the streets with music & dance in their way. It also stands out the twenty bandas mariñeiras (seafarer bands), true protagonist of the festivity, with its different rhythms played with the drums and snare drums make this parade unique. These bandas mariñeiras, the families and visitors go slope up the Santa Trega Mountain on Sunday morning to celebrate together the most important date of the calendar in A Guarda, the traditional Romería. The bandas mariñeiras spread out in the summit of the mountain, create in a lively atmosphere playing the traditional instruments, their sound can be heard ceaselessly in the whole town all day long, and even night.

festas do monte


valla 300x800 2017 BAJA
Festa da Langosta
  • In 2018: 6, 7 & 8 July
  • Where: A Guarda Fishing Port
  • Organizer: A Guarda Council
  • Noteworthy: In the marquee located at the port esplanade can be tasted all of the seafarer dishes.

Galician Festivity of Tourist Interest

The appreciated quality of the A Guarda typical cuisine came into a the first edition of the Spiny Lobster Festival, in 1991. From that moment the large turnout of people coming make the festival a great success.

As years go by the festival went bigger and a wide range of different varieties of sea products and traditional sweets become part of the feast, allow to put on the variety supplied reaching all of the tastes. In this way the values of the festival were increased.

At the port is set up a 1000 m² marquee displayed with tables and chairs for the visitors can savour comfortably the spiny lobster and other dishes. Each year the all-the-family activities and spectacles boost greatly with a wide range of varied program with music performances, sport & cultural events, children’s entertainment, etc.

Festa da Langosta

SWORDFISH FESTIVAL: last weekend in July

  • In 2018: 27, 28 & 29 July
  • Where: A Guarda Fishing Port
  • Organizer: ORPAGU
  • Noteworthy: At the port esplanade, in a marquee, can be tasted a wide range of dishes made with swordfish.

The fishing is one of the most important parts of the A Guarda incomes, and our swordfish fleet represents the 40 % of this fleet in Spain. This gastronomic event, recovered after few years, had been created to put this fish on the spot and also to underline the fishing.

During the weekend can be tasted grilled swordfish and other dishes. Furthermore there are technique conferences, cultural events and music for everyone; and also activities for the children.


FLOWERS CARPETS’ HOLIDAY (El Santísimo, “Blessed Sacrament”)

Fiesta de las alfombras
  • In 2018: 2 & 3 June
  • Where: at the Old Town & Port
  • Organizer: Parish and neighbouring groups
  • Noteworthy: The effort made in the previous weeks and a long work night become into these beautiful floral carpets.

The following weekend after the Corpus Christi Feast, these traditional carpets made with fresh flowers decorate the streets, as the culmination of a whole working month.

During the Saturday night until the daybreak, the neighbours are elaborating these flower carpets on the old town and port streets, one of them is made with coloured salt. The neighbours and people interested work all night long, from wee hours until the early morning. On the Sunday morning we can looking at this flowery carpets with colourfully designs just until the Santisimo’s Procession walks on them.


Regata da Virxe do Carmen
  • In 2018: from 13/07 to 16/07
  • Where: A Guarda Fishing Port
  • Organizer: Virgin of Carmen Festivity Commission
  • Noteworthy: This is an old traditional feast, due to which the Virgin of Carmen Day, 16 July is local holiday in A Guarda.

This festivity is deeply-rooted between the seafarers, as in other coastal municipalities. A Guarda celebrates the Our Lady of Mount Carmel’s Day, 16 July, with a Solemn Mass (Liturgy) and the traditional floral offering for the shipwrecked and the deceased on the sea. Besides the religious acts, stands out on Virgin’s Eve a pretty popular open-air dance and a rock concert the previous Saturday. During the evening of July 16th, young locals compete in the Gameliñas Regatta (“gamela” is the traditional coastal oar fishing boat in A Guarda, the “gameliñas” are small “gamelas”).


Romería de Santa Trega
  • In 2018: 23 September
  • Where: Santa Trega Mountain
  • Organizer: Clamour Fraternity
  • Noteworthy: this festivity is a local holiday, because is a deep-rooted celebration.

The Virgin of Santa Trega is A Guarda’s patron saint so we have a great religious tradition in the region. During the morning it celebrate masses and after the procession in honour of the Virgin start the traditional biddings of products offered to the saint. Afterwards the families have an open-air lunch in the mountain (romería).


2018: 9 & 10 June San Antonio Festivity
2018: 3, 4 & 5 August San Caetano Festivity
2018: 17, 18 & 19 August San Roque Festivity
2018: on September Virgin of A Guía Festivity
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